Soundtrack: CBC Television

CBC's My Farmland

My Farmland explores how Chinese national and Chinese immigrants' investments are affecting traditional Canada’s agricultural sector by following three families: two in tiny Saskatchewan farming communities, the other in the wine-making region of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. The film tells a very human story of how communities react to an influx of people from a different culture who hope for a better life by working the land.

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The Weather Station

The Weather Station (Tamara Lindeman)

On her fourth (and tellingly self-titled) album as The Weather Station, Tamara Lindeman reinvents, and more deeply roots, her extraordinary, acclaimed songcraft, framing her precisely detailed, exquisitely wrought prose-poem narratives in bolder and more cinematic musical settings. The result is her most sonically direct and emotionally candid statement to date, a work of profound urgency and artistic generosity.

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Me To We

Composer Frank Horvat

An utterly emotional exploration of the potency of love. The music will wrench your heart apart and then piece it back together again. Contemporary yet romantic. Sweeping strings, minimalist piano and the most heartfelt of flutes. This album masterfully takes you on the journey from me to we. Poignant and spellbinding. Me opens this album with the study of a solitary figure who leads their life without a soul mate to share life’s moments with – enlightening and from the heart. I Wait For You is music that comes from the depths of your soul while waiting to find that person you could love so deeply – empty yet optimistic. The album concludes with the piece you never want to end. Lovers, together at last, create repetitive textures of joy – happy and hypnotic – as two people bring their lives together feeling true contentment in their own skin.

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The Current Agenda

Composer Frank Horvat

Social justice music of today, in a powerful, brutal and heartfelt electro-chamber package. Audiences are left in tears, full of hope, and enthralled by the experience. Brand new music for our times. A heart-grabbing and sometimes heart-pounding collection of six compositions on social injustices that affect our modern landscape and all people living on this planet. The tracks combine chamber instrumentation, such as violin, cello, flute, clarinet, piano, and marimba, with deep-set emotions and prepared electronics that add to the story. These compositions offer a different perspective on important issues such as human rights, war, climate change and our personal safety.

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Hope and Ruin

The Trews

Hope & Ruin is the fourth full-length studio album by Canadian rock band The Trews. It was released in Canada on April 12, 2011,[3] and it peaked at #9 on the Canadian Albums Chart.

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Pink City

Jennifer Castle

2015 Polaris Prize Nominee. A collection of intimate reflections on both the internal and external world, Pink City displays a sharpened musical focus showcasing Jennifer’s powers as a writer and performer amidst a new sense of sonic clarity. The reunited production team of Castle, Dave Clarke and Jeff McMurrich invited a host of musical friends to embellish their vision. Owen Pallett provides string arrangements for a number of songs including the cinematic opener Truth is the Freshest Fruit and stirring ballad Like A Gun. Other notable guests include American folk legend Kath Bloom providing inspirational harmonica on side A closer Down River. Throughout the album downtown Toronto’s finest musical stalwarts, such as Ryan Driver (piano,flute), Mike Smith (bass, arrangements), Paul Mortimer (guitar), Jonathan Adjemian (piano and keys) and Brodie West (saxophone), provide stunning support.

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Coconuts Don't Fall Far From the Tree

Splash 'N Boots

JUNO nominated 2014

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The Songs of Watershed

The Nickel City Specials

The Band is recording their first album entitled "Watershed". It will represent a collection of original songs that tell Canadian stories through multiple voices all linked by their connection to the environment, local and national history, and ultimately a Canadian identity.

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Strange Machine

Frank Horvat Band

Pure energy that comes straight out of your speakers directly into your heart and soul. The Frank Horvat Band creates textures and flavors of sound that envelop the senses. Strange Machine was created like a unique playlist of unconventional songs and sounds. The album features a talented collective of artists including Felicity Williams (vocals), Christine Duncan (vocals), Thom Gill (vocals & guitar), Ghislain Aucoin (vocals), Justin Haynes (guitar), Bram Gielen (bass), Joseph Phillips (bass), Oleksandra Fedyshyn (violin), Erika Nielsen (cello), Kismet Cooper (bg vocals), Michael Davidson (vibraphone), Jean Martin (percussion), Frank Horvat (keys).

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