Erika is an accomplished writer and recently joined the roster of authors at K2 Literary Agency. Her first book Sound Mind: My Bipolar Journey from Chaos to Composure will be released in North America by Trigger Publishing in March, 2019, with pre-orders available here. Erika is also the author of Sound Mind, a mental health and wellness blog, and also writes for BP Magazine. She has also written for the American Federation of Musicians newsletter, News Harp.

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painting & Visual Art

Erika's most recent collection, Chromaticism (shown below) was shown at First & Last, Toronto in February 2018, and is currently featured at One Sky Gallery, Sudbury. She is a lifelong visual artist, and is a graduate of the Creative Arts focus program with Karen Peperkorn in Kingston Ontario. She has continued her studies in abstract painting through courses at OCAD University with Rob Nicholls and Cortney Stephenson.
Click here for past work in painting, drawing, encaustic and mixed-media.